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About company

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a dynamic identity aimed at evolution.

A group with an international face that, even today, continues to invest in the development of sustainable businesses.
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Camion, "Lape" e "Caramatti"

The Group has its roots in the world of transport. From the first animal-drawn vehicle to the latest generation truck, the focus has always been one and only: evolution.

Every hundred metres the world changes

Cit. Roberto Bolano

From small to large group

The group’s turning point comes with the decision to convert the business model of traditional road transport to an intermodal model in particular, rail intermodal. The company immediately transformed its approach from artisanal to industrial.

Joy and love are the wings for the greatest undertakings

Cit. J. W Goethe

Business expansion

Starting from 2023, the development crossroads follows a specific route: sustainability.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress… working together is success.

Cit. Henry Ford

From transport to automotive

Over the years, the Group has also experienced notable growth in the automotive sector, distinguishing itself as an undisputed leader. Offering a wide range of traditional and electric vehicles, Comer Sud is the point of reference for sustainable mobility.

It is the choices you make today that determine the future of those who succeed you

Cit. Rinaldo Sidoli

Culture and values


The strong and healthy roots of the Di Martino family have made it possible to overcome territorial limits and plan a prosperous future.


One of the secrets that constituted the formula of the great enterprise was to have combined the continuous updating in the field, the important effort of observation of the market and the huge and periodic economic effort, with the investment in values: the authentic ones.


Commitment and sacrifice, two elements that have allowed the group to expand. Aware of the fact that luck can only be fueled by hard work, thanks to the latter the group is today one of the undisputed protagonists of the sectors in which it operates.

Do the company values ​​and culture reflect you? Do you want to join the Martino Group?

Internationalization of the group







The Di Martino Group in numbers


Our family

Angelo Di Martino

Di Martino Group

Mario Di Martino

President of the BoD
F.lli Di Martino

Davide di Martino

General Manager
Comer Sud S.p.A.

Filippo Interlicchia

Comer Sud S.p.A.

The Di Martinos:
a family business, from the traditional horse cart to electric distribution

Today a multinational transport and logistics company with truly important turnover, which has gone through some milestones: from the roots sunk by grandfather Mariano and grandmother Rosa in the early 1920s to the current large family business.

We thank everyone, current collaborators and those who have already retired,
the partners, and all the people who have allowed us to get this far.

Cav. Angelo Di Martino