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  • 01. What is the mission of the Martino Group?
    The mission of the Martino Group is to develop sustainable businesses and promote innovation in the sectors of intermodal transport, integrated logistics, automotive, premium brands, eco-sustainable headquarters and business management and communication services.
  • 02. What are the sectors in which the Martino Group operates?
    The Martino Group mainly operates in intermodal transport, integrated logistics, eco-sustainable automotive and premium brands and business management and communication services.
  • 03. What does sustainable business mean for the Martino Group?
    For the Martino Group, sustainable business implies the adoption of practices that integrate the economic, social and environmental aspect into company activities. This includes the use of eco-friendly technologies and processes, attention to corporate social responsibility and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.
  • 04. What are the key values ​​of the Martino Group?
    The Martino Group is based on values ​​such as innovation, integrity, sustainability, collaboration and operational excellence.
  • 05. What are the distinctive skills of the Martino Group?
    The distinctive skills of the di Martino Group include experience in intermodal transport and integrated logistics, knowledge of the automotive sector, the ability to manage premium brands, the design of eco-sustainable headquarters and the offering of high-quality business management and communication services. quality.
  • 06. How does the Martino Group promote innovation?
    The Martino Group promotes innovation through investment in research and development, collaboration with strategic partners, the adoption of advanced technologies and the encouragement of a creative work environment.
  • 07. How can I apply for a job position in the Martino Group?
    To apply for a job position in the Martino Group, you can follow the instructions indicated in the "Work with us" section of our website. Typically, you will need to submit your CV and fill out an online application form. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and provide all required information.
  • 08. What are the basic requirements for working in the Martino Group?
    Basic requirements vary depending on the specific job position. However, we usually require training or experience related to the role, specific skills in the relevant sector, ability to work in a team, good communication skills and a strong motivation to contribute to the success of the Martino Group.
  • 09. What are the advantages of working in the Martino Group?
    The Martino Group offers a dynamic and stimulating work environment, professional growth opportunities, a competitive compensation package, training and development programs, and the opportunity to work on innovative and sustainable projects.
  • 10. How is the application evaluated and what are the next steps?
    After submitting your application, it will be evaluated by our selection team. If your profile is suitable, you may be contacted for a selection interview. Selected candidates will receive a communication regarding the final outcome of the selection process.